Monday, 22 July 2013

My Favourite Heroes: Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins is my hero.

To start with, Bilbo Baggins is who I aspire to be like because he said yes. Despite his doubts and his mind essentially being made up as to whether he would go on his adventure, he reconsidered and on his adventure he went. He put aside his worries and fears and comfortable life to do something that, although he may have dreaded before, would bring him joy and build his character. I always feel like I miss out on opportunities because they will be scary and frightening and test me, even though I'd probably be better off after the experience. So, following Bilbo's lead, I'd like to say that three letter word "yes" a lot more often. Three cheers for Mr. Baggins!

Although it's obvious Bilbo isn't aware of how brave he is, he showed us how brave he is when faced with the mountain giants. He pushed aside his fear and set upon completing part of his mission. Then, when it all went wrong he used his initiative! He saved all of the dwarves by buying time with his sneaky plan and that is admirable! If I were ever in a position where I was about to be eaten by mountain trolls, it is Bilbo I'd want by my side. What's more, I felt I should clap in the cinema when he saved Thorin getting killed by the orcs. Kudos Bilbo, kudos.

Bilbo has the jolliest soul. Even though at the beginning he appears unadventurous, the little hobbit spreads joy and happiness throughout the adventure, with his silly comments (forgetting his hankerchief), his naivety and determination. From the word "go", everyone (other than Thorin) is on his side.

The most important aspect of Bilbo that makes me love him oh so much is him proving himself, proving Thorin wrong. "He's been lost ever since he left home." Thorin made it clear from the start that he didn't think Bilbo was up for the challenge but Bilbo was and so he saw. "I've never been so wrong in all my life." The smile after watching Thorin say this never fails to exist on my admiring face. Bilbo has my heart.

Bilbo understands the importance of his new family and his family understand the importance of their burglar-hobbit. He helps out these dwarves who ruined his comfortable evening because he knows they need help, he knows it's the right thing today. It's truly admirable.

Orcs & Elves,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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