Monday, 29 July 2013

Dear Mr. Ignorance...

Dear Mr. Ignorance,

In today's letter that will be thrown straight into the bin you label "Fair", I'm going to address marriage equality. Don't crumple it up so soon and read.

Maybe I'm wrong in saying this, but isn't it stated under article 14 of the Humans Rights Act that there must be no discrimination against any group in society, for example homosexuals? Oh, you don't have that edition, no? I misheard you, did I? What was it you said, sir? "I have traditional values," you say. *I choke on my tea and dab my mouth with a hand-made napkin whilst stamping the garden party invites.* Traditional values. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Ignorance, but as someone with power, aren't your values supposed to be right, fair and without discrimination? *Silence.* Denying deserved rights is not traditional, it's wrong. Sorry, pardon? OH, your beliefs have been formed through years and years of your well-kept name? You should have been clearer, sir.

We'll go back a couple of steps to article 12. Men and women of marriageable age have the right to marry... No, please interrupt, sir, please! Yes, yes, I know Civil Partnerships exist. However, firstly, do they exist everywhere, sir? *Inaudible grumble.* Pardon? "Well no, no, they don't, young lady, but nor does the Human Rights Act." *Mr. Ignorance adjusts his tie with a smug grin.* I see we've stumbled across a dead end. What about the concept of two of the same gender wanting to have a marriage and not a civil partnership? *Silence.* Never mind, sir. On we trot.

I was thinking, sir, while we're talking, should "gay marriage" even be called "gay marriage"? I've been guilty of calling it this myself, but only because that's what it is labelled every where we go. We're talking about people, people no different to you and I. Is it fair that because their way of living doesn't quite match up with yours that they must, whether they like it or not, be segregated from "marriage". Sir, it's plain and simple and beautiful: marriage. You don't agree? Ok. Next point then.

For you, what is marriage? "Why, young lady, marriage is the declaration of love. It symbolises security and happiness and two people wanting to spend their lives together." A declaration that couples of the same gender cannot have. Symbols that they cannot live with. If you're so educated, sir, can I ask why a man and another man, a woman and another woman are not allowed to declare their love with a marital status? No answer, sir?

I know you're a busy man and there are, *I roll my eyes and cut a slice of my freshly-baked Victoria Sponge* more pressing matters, but isn't love kind? Doesn't love under no circumstances dishonour others? *Silence.* Love, sir, always hopes and if love is patient, sir, the righteous world and I will wait, with sadness and tears and pain, but we'll wait.

Oh! Sorry, sir. Am I being too opinionated again? Oh right, ok...

Sighs & Frowns,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Side note: Oh, that's right. I was being ironic when opposing my correct opinion! I'm glad we've got that sorted. Make there be equal marriage rights everywhere in the world NOW because do you remember the shame on the world after ignorance opened its eyes to see the horrific treatment of blacks after the slave movement and every other horrible story about black discrimination? Oh, you do?! So, let's get this sorted now.  Your voice, your word is the one that matters, sir. Just because you may lose a few too many party members or a few too many votes for you liking, that doesn't mean it shouldn't happen and it doesn't make your "pro-equal-marriage" view that you sometimes have right. That makes it sour and untrue. Oh, and, sir, if your view has not yet been straightened out (so to speak), then let me tell you this: it'll be you with rosy cheeks when equality is finally seen in this world, not ours. I'm so glad we've had this little chat. Lots of love, a 17 year old that understands right and wrong a lot more than you ever will.

All of our voices count. If you use it.

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