Friday, 19 July 2013

Sunshine Sunshine La La La La Laaa!

These last two weeks of sunshine, for me have been  b-l-i-s-s. July 2013 has actually felt like summer in Britain which means that I'm passing smiley, happy people on the streets, Britain feeling like another country and I've loved it!

Something that epitomises summer is BBQs and good company. This is exactly what I've had: evenings with some good friends, good music, blue skies and decent grub! Blue skies are too beautiful and when there's fluffy Toy Story clouds, that's so pretty too! I just can't stop raving about this lovely weather and happiness that exists because of it.

The thing that I love the most is, of course, the beach! *Sings Seaside by the Kooks.* The last two weeks of beach sunshine has felt hotter than when I'm further from the beach. The air is warm and the little breeze is beautiful when it comes. If not, it's perfect tanning weather which makes me very happy! When I need to cool down, dipping my feet into the glistening pool of beauty (also known as the sea) feels too good. What's not to love about a heat wave at the beach with plenty of New Forest ice-cream? You with your hand up, shush! - this is not time for questions. There will be time at the end for that. Sheesh, anyway, where was I? The beach. After a stressful education-year, lazing about on the beach is stupidly perfect. So yeah, I love the beach.

All I've really spoken about is how perfect a sunny summer is, but I have loved it and am excited to see whether it carries on and enjoy the fun I will have! Lovely lovely lovely sunshine, la la la la LA!

Pebbles & Sand,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Blue Skies and Smiles.

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