Friday, 26 July 2013


Being a teenager in my generation means I was a young child - but old enough to remember watching it too often - when Monsters Inc. was released. It was my favourite animated movie without a shadow of a doubt and now, at 17 years of age, after having waited for Monsters University for months and months, the day finally arrived.

*Contains traces of spoilers.*

I have one thing to say about the smaller (if that's possible!) version of Mike: AWWWWWWWWW, I want to have a squishy monster hug with him and put him in my pocket. AW. I just had to "aw" out loud when he was being pushed around. Poor 'ickle Mike. I loved how eager little Mike was and how his ambition still shone through at University too. Three cheers for Mike.

Now, Sulley... When he first appeared, all cockey and cheeky I fell a bit in love but then he treated Mike badly and I was on the little fella's side, despite Sulley always being my favourite character (and he still was and is). However, the Sulley we grew up with was made at Monsters University and I felt so happy and excited to watch their journey. They are the best of friends.

The film was funny and heart-warming, sweet and scary! Watching animated films a fair few years into one's life, I've found they become funnier! I love the little jokes that make so much more sense than they would have years ago and so, although it maybe should have felt like I was too old for the film, it didn't and no one else my age has thought that. I went into the cinema knowing I'd love it and hey, I loved it!

Obviously, this isn't the best written post of mine but Monsters Inc. was my childhood and I went back to be six years old again when I was sat in that cinema. I wish Sulley and Mike were my best pals (even though they would have scared the life out of me - even you Mike!).

RAWRs & Screams,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. i love my childhood cartoon movies too....i miss 'em so badly!thanx to technology ..i can watch 'em anytime i wanna...


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