Monday, 1 April 2013

YouTubers: zeldaxlove64

Christina Grimmie, zeldaxlove64 is the first youtuber I followed and became...obsessed with, causing me to fall head first into the youtube community.

The hours, resulting in days that I have spent watching Christina's videos is unable to be calculated. I remember finding her cover of Catch Me by Demi Lovato three years ago and that was me, already in Team Grimmie before the name was even conjured up. I cannot explain how proud I am of how far she has come. That Girl From Youtube is now making music for a living; her dream is finally reality and that's incredible. She's incredibly talented, covering songs with piano that she works out herself and writing and producing music that is insanely awesome. Not only this, but she seems down to earth and portrays herself very well and this makes her a brilliant role model. Christina Grimmie, you are awesome and I love watching your youtube journey as well as your fantastic experiences.

Christina uploading a video is always one of the most exciting things for me, causing me to go on about it to my friends and family until it is uploaded and I sit in silence, wanting her talent for myself, but happy that such a great person possesses it. I'm always captivated by her talent, her quirkiness and the love she has for her music and fans. I can't tell you how many times I have watched her Stuff You Don't See videos because they make me laugh so much.

The thought of ALBUM TWO OH MY GAWSH reminds me of the awesomeness of Find Me, Christina's debut album. I remember the release of the album was on the day of an exam and I woke up at four (I live in the UK!) in the morning to make sure that I had the album on my iPod as soon as I possibly could. I love the album so much. You should check it out here:

  "I'm living in an empty house of cards."

Watching Christina on Ellen and hosting the American Idol Live Tour makes and her other 2,000,000 members of Team Grimmie incredibly proud. I wish I could look like her, have the Grimime Hair and her incredible talent.
Christina, yu RAWWK my frand.
Team Grimmie forever,
The Grl in the Moonlight.


  1. I so know where you're coming from!!! I have loved her since she was doing piano covers with the Sonic poster behind her!!!! I feel like I've grown with her. :')

    1. Yes, I feel exactly that! Watching her older videos, remembering when she uploaded them makes me so nostalgic!


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