Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Where's My Sweep-Off-The-Feet Moment?

What happened to old-fashioned romance? Yes, I'm a pessimist and I don't believe in love and I can't help but think it's because of my lack of hope in boys of the 21st Century. Where's the big gestures because a boy is head-over-heals for a girl? Why is there no asking the girl's father for permission to take her out (I'm not sure I'd enjoy this)? Where's the dancing? Where's the secret smiles? Where's the loveliness that is depicted in romantic classics?

I feel like these days there's one boy in about a hundred that would, due to their own idea, write a letter to a girl; I believe that there are few boys who would name a girl "beautiful" rather some derogatory term; that, no matter how much we can dream, boys lack initiative and creativity.

Maybe I read too many Nicholas Sparks books and watch too many films with Zac Efron in, but I don't doubt that things should be different. Perhaps, girls are lacking something too and this means boys have become too comfortable in relying on other ways to charm a girl. I don't know, I just think we've lost parts of romance that should not have been lost.
“Romance is thinking about your significant other, when you are supposed to be thinking about something else.” - Nicholas Sparks.
Maybe I'm being a naïve teenage girl, but am I wrong to think that it's sad that boys seem not to have deep thoughts like Nicholas Sparks portrays so perfectly? I would agree that girls are at fault too. If times are moving forward and there's no longer a chance of a sweep-off-the-feet moment  or even a letter, what should we be doing? Maybe we should stop complaining and reduce our expectations!

It sucks that letters have been replaced by Facebook, emotions have been replaced by Twitter and that speaking has been replaced by text.

Oh well, we've always got boys in bands!

Chocolate buttons & Cherry Cola,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. I've complained before about people automatically picturing a boy and a girl when they think of a love story, (which I will always believe is completely wrong) I was just talking about my life!

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