Monday, 22 April 2013

Meaning: The Girl in the Moonlight

The Girl in the Moonlight. When I was working out the name for my Tumblr and blog, it was me just sitting and thinking, without any help, as to me, it was important that it was my idea and imagery that created something specific for me. The Girl in the Moonlight.

To me, the name creates quite an isolated image, quite lonely and in a way this is what it is to me, not because I'm sad or lonely, but because my dreams are very quiet and unknown to everyone in my life. I feel that the lonely image created is more nervousness and fear, but yet that the girl is comforted by the moon's presence. It's very important to me that my dream is personal to me; my own thing. "The Girl in the Moonlight", in my eyes, presents the image of a girl with the secret of a dream and the moon is that dream.

The name, I think, is also quite hopeful. I see the image of a girl watching the moonlight, the moonlight being beautiful and exciting, the night's sky holding everlasting possibility for her dreams to come true. It shows the hopefulness that's in her heart despite the reality of everything. It portrays that anything is possible, and that even though hard work is crucial, sitting back and relaxing - watching the moon - is needed. It'll keep you grounded and your dreams in perspective.

People say "I'll get you the moon", right? That's what the girl wants: everything she dreams of.

The image also shows the girl to be nervous, a little unsure and slightly misunderstood. I hear how deep I'm getting, but the representation, I'm sure, is relatable and not just for me. I'm often thinking: why should we be scared to reach our dream?. Although I can think of reasons, I can think of more to just reach...reach for the moon. Misunderstood? I feel like the girl is quite thoughtful, thinking about the future, her life and meanings a lot, sort of as though she thinks of things that others may not and that she's deeper and more meaningful than people would expect.

The Girl in the Moonlight. Everyone has dreams. Everyone has possible outcomes. Reach for your moon. The Girl in the Moonlight.

Melon & Grapes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. The reason for my blog title is kelly is kelly clarkson inspired.......but it was me who put the right words anyway!


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