Wednesday, 17 April 2013

YouTubers: ItsWayPastMyBedTime

Carrie Hope Fletcher, ItsWayPastMyBedTime is a singer/actress and is very much so responsible for my extreme talent of procrastinating.

Not only do I want to look like her but her talent is one that is too much to just "have on in the background". While I'm supposed to be revising, I often end up staring at my laptop screen, the rest of my family also mesmerised by The Girl With The Beautiful Hair. I feel like I share some similarities with Carrie: her love of Disney, musicals and books and that although in this way, she is relatable, her awesomeness is often too magical for this muggle world.

Oh, and she doesn't just sing: she vlogs and makes videos that make me think, like really think. Her videos are interesting and can leave me thinking about a subject that I might not have before or giving me a fresh outlook on life, encouraging me to do something differently (more on this here and here). I love watching her videos about her life, how far she has come and how her career is expanding; it is refreshing and I'll always be along for the journey. Also, I'm a huge fan of Christmas and Carrie was responsible for me not having post Christmas sadness because of her Twelve Days of Christmas. So, thank you Carrie!

Carrie's original songs are too incredible and never fail to make me happy. Every song has such meaning behind it and I often belt them out, pretending that I can sing because they're such powerful, awesome songs with lyrics that tell stories.

"These boys in books are better, 'cos they'll be here forever."

Yes, ok, I found Carrie through Tom, but I stayed because of her. I feel like this should be known because Carrie's talent is exactly that: her talent! She's living off of her own success and she's making it a success because she has an incredible talent and portrays herself wonderfully! Her talent is captured in the video of her Cup Song Mash Up. It's seriously insane.

Favourite three covers: When Will My Life Begin, Defying Gravity, Just Like A Pill.
I cannot choose a favourite original so here is the one that portrays ultimate girl power.
Favourite non-singing video.

Hopefuls & Pinky Promises,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. Raise your pinkies to the sky!

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