Monday, 29 April 2013


One of my dreams is to travel; to go to places where the sun barely leaves and when it does, the scene is just as beautiful; to go somewhere where the food is so precious to the country's culture; to visit a land where it's so welcoming that it's overwhelmingly sad to leave. I want to experience it all.

I looked up the definition for "wanderlust" and it was "a strong desire to travel" and beside it was a quote: "a man consumed by wanderlust". I believe I am one "consumed by wanderlust" because sometimes all I'll be doing is thinking about how amazing it must be to go to some beautiful places and how awesome it would be to learn and embrace different cultures. If I'm ever bored, I'll look longingly at photographs of Australia or reviews on gap years. How magical is must be to experience the world.

It's not that I don't like England and the lack of sunshine and its far from inventive food, (I actually am proud to be British!) it's just, I want to explore! Where I have a passion for writing, seeing new things and understanding the ways of those in other countries, it would be great to be able to write about different scenes and ways of life. I want to have such an awesome time that my family can recite my trip(s) word-for-word and have photos that trigger perfect and vivid memories of that time I went on an adventure.

I imagine travelling, despite the need of independence to act responsibly and arranging travel plans is freeing and relaxing: your only worry being what pair of sun-bleached shorts to wear the next day (if I were to travel, most places I go would have to be warm). It must be refreshing to have a day booked with activities that aren't overly family-orientated (not that I don't love family holidays!), a bit more creativity in plans or to just lie on the beach, the latest chick-flit in my hands.

In my eyes I'd travel to places with my best friend, enjoying the sites and eating food that would normally make our stomachs churn. Our friendship would be highlighted with the best trip ever, experiencing some of what will be the best moments of our lives with together. Yes, it's a little movie-like, but exploring the world as if I were Bilbo Baggins (you know, without the Mountain-Giants and Orcs) would be dream-like.

I hope that one day I'll stare in awe at the Northern Lights and ride a camel, lie on a beach surrounded in soft sand as night arrives and learn how to flamenco dance.

I hope to live the dream.

Beaches & Sun,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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