Friday, 29 March 2013

Think About What You Say

Words can hurt more than the person saying them may realise at the time of opening their mouth. Yet, this idea having had been reinforced for oh so many years hasn't stopped it. Now it doesn't strain any muscles - in fact it strains less muscles - not to say that horrible thing that you so desire to say. Just be kind!

Let it be highlighted, underlined and circled that you must please not think that this is a matter only relating to girls; that it only matters about being sensitive around girls because that's so not true and too many people make the mistake of thinking that. Boys care too!

Caring about mean things people say about you doesn't make you "vain" and  it doesn't mean that you are wrong to care. It's understandable and we all do. In turn, if you don't care then that is good because you. are. perfect. Do not let it take over you. Whatever has been said, it's not true, they're not better than you and you are not alone. People saying things in the moment or people continually saying things happens every single day and all of the time. It can range from a comment that maybe wasn't supposed to sting the recipient quite so much to being bullying. If you are being bullied get help.

Please stop and think. How would you feel?

No matter how the person reacts in front of you, you have no idea how the person receiving the biting comment may react when they get home. You don't have a clue about the hell they may be putting themselves through for a reason that they should not considered a reason. Although they should  know that they should not beat themselves up about it, you simply not commenting will make the difference.

Don't comment on their weight. Don't comment on their hair or make-up. Don't comment on their clothes. Don't comment on their family or personal problems. Don't comment on anything that is a sore subject. Spread positivity. Give a complement - but don't say it in a horrible way. Smile at them. Don't give anyone the cause to be upset because of you.

There is no reason to be cruel to people. In turn, I urge you to believe me when I say you don't deserve to be unhappy. Be yourself. Be happy.

Clotted Cream & Scones,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. I'm no expert. I'm just a girl who has taken comments and made myself more upset then necessary. But I do know this: you're awesome.

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