Friday, 5 April 2013

5 Things I Miss About Primary School

To be honest I would go back to primary school without a second thought if I could, but here are the 5 things I miss most about being chaperoned by my mum and being in constant fear of getting my "name put on the board" (I was never actually rebellious enough to even have this threatened, but the idea was exciting).

1. Now, at the time, Sport's Day was a horrific day that made my tummy perform a routine of butterflies all day long, - I've never been good with nerves - but looking back I really did enjoy it and the feeling afterwards was always the best. I've always enjoyed running and so I loved the races and the sense of accomplishment afterwards. It was such a nice, family event where we had lunch with our families and it was a lovely thing to look forward to towards the end of the year.

2. End of terms, I do not doubt for a minute that I was with every other kid enjoying the endless word searches, films and happiness that finished off a term. There was no worry involved with primary school and this was highlighted with the joy of end of terms. With a beautiful sea of days off ahead of us, every kid and teacher was excited and thus, the occasion was a joyous time.

3. Ok, so I understand why I'm so lame as I say the next thing that I miss about primary school: spelling tests. I loved 'em. I'd sit at my table, and tried and failed to hide my grin at the excitement of it all. It was like Christmas Eve to me - well, not quite - and I wish that college set spelling tests.

4. I genuinely liked parent's evening at primary school. Yeah. I enjoyed school, I liked my teachers and well, they presented me well to my parents and who doesn't like a bit of ego-building every now and then, eh? I definitely didn't feel unhappy to accept the chocolate bar that awaited afterwards. Back in the day, parent's evenings really were the bomb.

5. Singing assembly was one of those activities that all kids hated...or supposedly. I always pretended that it was "dumb" and "lame", but deep down I couldn't wait for me to bring out my inner Beyoncé. I'd sit, legs crossed, waiting eagerly for the projector to reveal the first song we were to sing while everyone mocked the event. I can only hope that I wasn't alone in the excitement I felt for these afternoons. Thinking back, I can't imagine how shocking a hall of 300 kids screaming the words - probably not even the words that were on the screen - sounded, but an excited me was singing about school dinners with all of my might.

Paper & Crayons,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. At times I wanna be a child again so badly....


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