Wednesday, 17 February 2016

"What's the Point?"

Yesterday a friend (who has the kind of views that resemble mine- views in the way of the world, and politically too, which I know because we've often discussed topics that fall into these categories) and I were talking to another friend. We were talking to another friend who admitted his political views - or more accurately decisions when it came to voting aren't based on research and are likely to be influenced by his parents or just a lot of sprinkles of laziness in bothering to find out more (information he offered himself). These views of his family's or these decisions based on, well, not a lot, didn't match or resemble my other friend's or mine- which is totally okay of course (I say okay- they wouldn't be if they were awful and radical, naturally!). However, we did fight for our beliefs and the general belief that you totally need to vote and you totally need to research to see what political party or decision suits yourself the most!

And I totally believe in healthy debate or healthy discussion- even if I get fired up. I believe in lots of things and I'll stand up for them. However the friend with the "more different" views to mine (let's call them A) was kind of uninterested in a debate because quiet frankly he wasn't all that fussed. He didn't fight against our views and he didn't stand up for the ones he believes or stands by. We brought this up: If he's agreeing with us, what is his basis for his choices?

Now, before I go on, we were not violating any kind of personal choice and A is a perfectly lovely person and who, we noticed, agreed that we should push forward with changing the world with rights for all sexualities and for equality and all of this kind of awesome stuff. He agreed with our political comments. So we had a chat, because why not encourage someone who seems a little uninterested to throw themselves into current affairs and stand up for what they believe in?

I have been brought up to always be curious, to always find out more and to be interested. These qualities are things I respect myself for! And I always want to get better at being curious and interested and this is awesome too. A is awesome and has awesome views and a lovely heart, but something he did say, did not match with something I would say and mean... "What's the point?" he asked, more than once, when we were talking about voting and politics and our views.

One time he uttered these words was in relation to voting. "What is this point in voting then?" The point in voting is that this is our country, and we have the right to have a say in how it's run. We have a right to talk of our views (and we have a right to, of course, not talk about them), and we are being represented by whoever is elected in any vote or by any decision made by a vote, so I always want to make sure my voice is at least being counted, even if it isn't the outcome.

What's the point is that, this is our world. This is our life. These are our views. I believe in equality for all genders and people and sexualities. I believe in goodness and keeping others safe and exterminating racism and homophobia and these awful attitudes towards religion. And I will keep telling A this, because I can see it is getting somewhere. Because he has these same views, just a sense of apathy that I know he can beat! I will keep telling him to research, to vote, and I will keep pushing forward with my beliefs. Because I believe in things that are worth caring about. They are worth sharing. Fighting my corner is important, and I know that.

That's what's the point.

Cheese & Crackers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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