Wednesday, 24 February 2016

"The World Was Hers for the Reading" | Book Haul

Recently I haven't had the time to sit down with a book but the last couple of weeks have been easier on me in terms of making this time and I can feel my excitement for opening my book and carrying on after that! I lovely the feeling of feeling passionate about the thought or the doing of reading. I've recently acquired a few books and my excitement is only strengthened by this. So here is a haul to celebrate this massive-grin-happiness.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
I remember seeing this pretty-looking book in Waterstones last year and I never forgot about it. And I'm finally here on the blog chit-chatting about it. According to the blurb it is about Theodore Finch who is always thinking of ways how to kill himself however something good stops him whenever he tries. Violet Markey, however, is for ever looking forward to the future after a tragic family loss and All the Bright Places shows what happens when the two meet.

How to Read a Novelist: Conversations with Writers by John Freeman
I was browsing in Waterstones, not particularly looking for anything. These are my favourite types of trips to bookstores because you find so many hidden treasures- this is the one that caught my eye. In this book John Freeman shares a few things he has learnt from a lot of different writers. I am currently reading this book and I'm absolutely adoring it- it's not like anything I've read before.

Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper

Man, I've wanted to read this book for for ever and I finally have it in front of me! Etta is a schoolteacher and two boys fell in love with her. This story tells us of "love and joy, pain and passion, memory and forgetting." As soon as spring hits I'm picking up this book because I just think it's that kind of "new opportunities, spring clean" kind of novel with a lot of good lessons to be taught.

Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider
Lane is not enjoying his time at a boarding school for sick teenagers. However, upon meeting some new friends, he sees a new side of life. This novel seems to ooze meaning, fun, adventure, happiness but also sadness. I picked this up after briefly looking at it a few months ago and I'm super excited to see what exactly this book is about.
What books have you got recently? Are there any you really want?

Spines & Covers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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