Friday, 19 February 2016

See Me - Nicholas Sparks

I have finally - finally - read See Me by Nicholas Sparks and as usual, my fangirl is, well, strong. I've fallen in love with another set of characters, despised some others, and fallen in love with love and, of course, Mr. Sparks's writing.

See Me is the love story of Maria and Colin. Maria is a lawyer; smart and hard-working. She doesn't realise that isn't all there is to her and yet Colin notices almost immediately. Colin is an ex-bar-fighter after getting into far too much trouble and realising his many, many errors. Trying to get himself back on track, he is now a student, working on keeping his anger at bay and staying fit and healthy. When their paths cross when Maria needs help and she is immediately terrified of the muscly man with the bruised face, they're soon off of each other's paths again, and yet they are not entirely off of each other's minds.

The relationship between Maria and Colin is so delicate and yet strong; wonderfully nervous and yet confident. The two fit like jigsaw pieces despite the jagged edges they believe they have themselves. Colin's quiet nature coupled with Maria's questioning makes the most charming duet who fall into each other's song with excited ease.

As a reader and a writer, I, of course, adore words and words and the power of not using words is central to this novel. It's one of my favourite aspects. An important aspect of Colin's character is that he is very honest and yet does not expand on opinions and such things unless asked to. All the while when he wants to because he wants his heart to be true, he will speak his heart and it's the most heart-warming thing to read.

See Me is a sweet tale, with an added sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seats value. Maria is getting stalked and she, her family and Colin want answers. It makes for a very haunting and thrilling read at times and it can go from being a beautifully lazy and lovely storyline to a very tense read. I love the mixture of it all.

I'm going to quickly address an issue I had and some questions on the tip of my tongue. This section is going to include spoilers so please do not read if you have not read this awesome novel! I was a little disappointed with Maria not stepping forward with sexual harassment claims against Ken when a lot of the women could have counted on her. I wanted to know a bit more about Maria's panic attacks at the end and how it was going with Colin's teaching dreams. And one issue I had with Colin's character was how he actually, at points, wanted to kill people. It made his recovery from his past seem far weaker and it made him, naturally, more unlikeable.

See Me is, though, so incredibly charming. It portrays an endearing love, family values, the importance of forgiving and moving on and a lot of loyalty.

I must rate this novel 5/5 because it is one of my favourite Nicholas Sparks couples and storylines- I really, really adore it!

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The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am currently at university and I left the cover of this (which is so, so beautiful) at home so the picture is of the actual book and what a gorgeous colour it is!

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