Friday, 26 February 2016

Always Appreciate

A couple of weeks ago my best friend and I went to visit his nan. She's an awesome woman and he is definitely very lucky to have her. We sat with cake and played games and it was lovely to see their relationship. He visits her every now and then and he loves seeing her. He notes every time that he needs to stop using "life" as an excuse and needs to see her more often. It's not a hassle or a burden because he enjoys it, and even if it was he knows she's done so much for him, it would be wrong not to. Upon thinking about the lovely afternoon today, it got me thinking about the importance of appreciating and how much I value that quality, and how much I so aspire to always appreciate.

Last week I sent my mother some flowers because I appreciate her so much! She's not only the person who has taught me such lovely values, she's someone I'm likely to go to if I have an issue. And she will always try to help me as much as possible! We have a lovely time together and she puts up with my silliness. That's a mum that deserves appreciation! My mum has mothered me for twenty years now. And she has shown me a million times that I am appreciated by her. Just last week she bought me my favourite biscuits... just because! We're busy people but I hope I remember to show her she's appreciated as much as she does me!

I think making time - although it's naturally not always possible - is such a good way to show appreciation. It can be so simple, even if it's calling someone or arranging something for a few weeks' time. It all counts. It shows thought and wanting to put effort in. Even telling someone, "Man, I'm sorry we don't see each other as much as we should" is sufficient. I don't expect to take anyone's time away from them, but I know those who care always keep in touch when they can!

Sometimes I catch myself thinking, how frustrating is it that I really put effort into that and it wasn't appreciated?! However, we need to remember that that isn't the end of that story! We put effort into that and so we should appreciate that we did that! Or we may have put a lot of effort into helping someone and it may have seemed like it was for nothing... but it never is! We need to remember that it's awesome that we are that type of person. And we need to remember if we aren't being all that appreciated, sometimes the answer is to leave that thing to one side or to move on from someone.

Sometimes we might need reminding to always appreciate and that's okay- as long as we remember, and keep trying to! I want to always appreciate. Always, always. And always remember to appreciate yourself!

Thought & Appreciation,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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