Monday, 1 February 2016

Aim: To Listen to all Cheesy Music

So it’s the first of February and I risk sounding a little cliché but: Where is this year going already? A month of 2016 has already flown past and I find myself falling into that embarrassing trap where we think time is going “quickly”; you know, life is too short. Life is, however, the longest thing any of us do. It might seem like time is going quickly, but, as obvious as it sounds, we can change our hair or lose friendships or change jobs but the one consistent thing throughout it all, is life. However for a million and one reasons life does seem to run past us over and over again and therefore, if we're going to bleat on about life being too short and going too quickly, let's at least consider a few things.

"Life is too short" to not have goals and aims- and when we're lacking in them, life is too short to not find new hobbies or new thoughts to inspire new aims. I feel amazing when I achieve a goal and so why wouldn't I do this as often as possible? In contrast to this, life is too short to not relax when we need to; we must recuperate and respect our bodies with all of the good, healthy things.

People. Good people- keep 'em! Bad people- stay away from them. We need people who deserve our positive vibes and we need people who can give us theirs as well. Life's too short to be horrible to people. It's too short not to forgive, but it's too short to always forgive. Life's too short not to give to others; it's too short to not give to ourselves.

Life is too short not to learn and cherish and love and give and hold. It's too short not to say what's on our minds (without malice), and it's too short to not let people know how we're feeling. Words can do a lot in this world and so can a million other devices- use them.

And for goodness' sake, life is too short to avoid music you love because it's lame or it's cheesy or if you're going to listen to it, it must be named a guilty pleasure. I won't spend my life avoiding music that has this label attached to it or a label I've attached to it- if I like it, I like it! And so I bloomin' well will dance around to it whilst singing at the top of my lungs!

These were just a few life-is-too-short-esque ideas that came to my mind. What do you think?

Sweet Berries & Lemonade,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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