Friday, 5 February 2016

Working and Playing Hard

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I attended a Zumba class she often goes to; one her mum goes to twice a week. I was super excited because I'm trying to do all sorts of sports to shock my body and keep it guessing and I expected I would make a fool of myself but it would be fun all the same. And I was right!

To anyone who is considering a Zumba class or might do, it's so awesome! I know I'll go whenever I can! And once you get used to it and maybe even crack a routine, it feels awesome. It's incredibly fulfilling and Zumba can be such a high impact sport and it made me sweaty and worked-out and it was awesome. In the class I went to it was all about trying hard, reaching goals and having a laugh at the same time- I love that!

But that's not all I want to talk about. Everywhere I looked, there were ladies having fun! (And men could so be involved if they wanted to!). These ladies, I found out, returned every week; maybe more than once or even twice! They returned because they enjoyed this way of exercising. From any age between about 17 and above, ladies were doing awesomely; all of them better than me! They were working super hard and it was seriously ace.

Not only that but everyone enjoyed each other's company. No one took each others' mistakes seriously and everyone always ended up laughing good-naturedly at something. And then people would say how good another person was and it just made me so excited to be back again. I've never experienced such a lovely and supportive atmosphere.

It's not only a work-hard thing for so many of the ladies, but it's a social thing. Some go down with a close friend or a few friends and some come alone to see these new friends with the shared hobby. Everyone catches up and giggles. It's their chance to get away from work or have some "me time" and ignore their partners and whatnot! It's a chance for these ladies to let their hair down and see their friends and I bloomin' loved being a part of it.

I think my point is that we should use our lives to find things or a thing that allow(s) us to work hard and see our friends and relax and enjoy something that makes us feel good!

Work Hard & Play Hard,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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