Friday, 25 September 2015

A Little Running Diary #2

My series "A Little Running Diary" aims to introduce one of my favourite hobbies, running, a bit more to my blog. HERE is my first post explaining it and talking a little about running. Today I want to link motivation not only to running, but a little to general life as well!

My diary of my run: 20th September

My run kind of sucked today. Although I really thoroughly enjoyed it because it felt incredibly calming, I did a six mile run much, much slower than I have been aiming to complete that distance in right now. It was about eight minutes slower than planned which, as I am trying to train really super hard, is quite a lot slower than planned. It's effectively the speed I want to do another mile in! I felt kind of sucky during it, whilst knowing I couldn't push myself much further. It just wasn't happening today. Sometimes pushing yourself harder than you expect you can do is a good way to go, but I knew today that it wasn't. For this reason I can't tell myself off too much, especially as it was more of a relaxing run which felt really nice. However, it has left me a little deflated. I feel a little gutted and like I've not succeeded. All the same it has left me feeling an excitement for my next run- I will prove myself... to myself! (As that's what we should always aim to do- in every aspect of life.)

Morning of 22nd September run

A couple of days ago (as seen above) I had a bad time running and documented my disappointed with this post in mind. It is true we should be kind to ourselves and not be too hard on us when we are disappointed and since my relaxing but kind of sucky run, I have completely removed any disappointment and replaced it with motivation. In a way the disappointment lead to my motivation, so I will thank past me for that a little. I am geared up in  my running clothes and really excited (without knowing the distance I will run) for what is to come.

My diary of my run: 22nd September

In fresh clothes after a shower, sitting with a laptop on my lap and a glass of water beside me feels incredibly good. Why? My run was awesome. I ran seven miles at a pace I am incredibly proud of. I did some very happily quick miles and loved pushing my body further than I could have a couple of days ago. Feeling motivated and being inspired by this feeling definitely helped me today. I stepped outside feeling prepared to impress myself and my mind was only positive- fueled by motivation. I was pushing myself and feeling good whilst doing it. Any time I felt like I just wanted to get to the end goal without having to work anymore, I instantly reminded my mindset of motivation and happiness to be partaking in one of my favourite hobbies. You cannot put a price on motivation. It's truly a miracle worker. I will be taking this miracle worker with me all the time- even when things don't go as planned.


I find it is important to be motivated in all aspects of life. I am trying so hard to live by this, even if I think it will be really difficult. For example, university was a bit of a sad and homesick experience for me last year but I am determined to put a lot of work into my studies and fill up my time with activities whilst also having chill time with my blog and my books this year. All of these things will hopefully keep me motivated lots during the year. I have found becoming motivated with running has injected motivation into loads of other parts of my life.

When we try to improve ourselves when it comes to exercise, it can and should be difficult. There is definitely a line between pushing ourselves healthily (when we physically can) and going too far and this difference should be noted. When we are pushing ourselves healthily we shouldn't be knocked down by what we feel we can't do- that session of "not being able to run eight minutes faster" will motivate us and make us want to do better, in turn improving our bodies! This will always now power me through with running.

A Sunny Run & Feeling Motivated,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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