Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous #6

Here is the sixth installment to my "Un-Anonymous" series which aims to make my blog that little bit more personal- making The Girl in the Moonlight know a little bit more about my life. Today I thought I would make the blog a bit more "un-anonymous" by telling you how I introduced this "un-anonymous" attitude about my writing to my actual life... I shared some of my writing with my best friend.


More than a few months ago I told my best friend that I spend a lot of my time writing. I told him that it's my favourite hobby and my biggest dream ever is for it to become a career. But I also let him know that having writing at all in my life is a happy event all the same. Although he asked a few questions about it (I gave no answers), he was so respectful that he never made me regret it.

Since telling him I showed him one piece of writing and his response was so positive and sweet and seemingly genuine, I felt happy I showed him. Result. And then, in the last couple of weeks I've shown him a few more pieces. Although he is my best friend and so I'm aware he is bias and maybe "overly encouraging" (not that there is often a problem with that kind of attitude), every response he has had has stayed in my mind. His compliments haven't served to make me suddenly feel like I could become an author tomorrow, but they have been massively encouraging. To hear someone close to me tell me with sincerity that I can write (even if it is just their bias opinion- or just a bunch of lies to make me smile!) has made me feel very happy in my tummy.

So, I introduced one of my best friends to some writing that is on my blog (although he has still no idea what my blog is!) and I thought I would share this story and also introduce my blog to facts my best friend tells me about me- so as to make this a full circle.

  When I talk about my writing I apparently talk really fast and get over excited and blush.

   I have a "thinking" face.

   Anything I adore I am interested in completely and fully.

   I can become instantly hyper when I have one of my favourite albums on and I sing over excitedly.

  I need to work on having complete trust in myself with things I am good at. (Working on it!)

Happy Sunday!

Trust & Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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