Tuesday, 15 September 2015

You | Some Things I Know

I know the sky is blue,
Even when it's not,
Although I know not of science,
About books, I know a lot,
I know history can be distorted,
And poetry is not my calling,
But I know that with you,
I'm not afraid of falling,

I know that animals are living,
They deserve our love too,
I know music is important,
As is the heart that belongs to you,
I know some words that are not English,
I know sums and algebra too,
And one thing I will always fathom,
Is that my heart is singing the truth,

I know my heart is aching,
For yesterday and tomorrow,
But today is singing "live me!
I will not bring you sorrow!"
I know a lot about words,
I know a bit about sport,
I know art is subjective,
But I know my feelings cannot simply be caught,

To write poetry, yes, I know not how,
But not long ago, I did not know how,
How to feel these feelings with such strength,
How to love and see rhymes in the way you dress,

So here are some things I know,
I write them with adoration in my heart,
Please know that you must heart them
But if you don't, again I will start;
                                                       Your hair is dark caramel,
                                                       Your eyes are that "in between,"
                                                       Your words are full of meaning
                                                       Although, by yourself, you cannot see,
                                                       Your tears are only sincere,
                                                       Your thoughts, so genuine,
                                                       When you ache, I ache with you,
                                                       That's when, together, our hearts sing.


A Few Thoughts & A Few Words,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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