Sunday, 13 September 2015

Christopher's Musical

Christopher's talents never existed when it came to holding a note or presenting a story with his body and words. He never stuck it out at playing an instrument and he never thought he should try writing a song. He was good at maths, he could bake with the same amount of wisdom his granddad had who was once a baker and he knew how to serve a good serve at tennis tournaments. He loved these things, but his true passion was musical theater. And music. And dance. And acting. Correction: Observing and adoring the product of musical theater. Music. Dance. Acting.

Watching his mother's collection of musicals on videos and DVDs was the first thing he would choose to do when he was five years old. And this continued as he grew up and it never went away. Every spare moment would always be dedicated to an adaptation of Les Miserables or Hairpsray- or he would clean to the Wicked soundtrack or read up on the history of musicals.

Christopher's mother died when he was nine and he no longer had his partner in musical crime- always finding a way to inject one of the many musical tales he and his mother adored into everyday life. It never stopped though. When he grieved, he grieved to music and when he celebrated, he sung to music. And now?

Before Christopher's mother passed away, on one Saturday afternoon, she said to him, "Christopher, when you are older and you are getting a job... You make sure you're working a job you love for a good reason. Find something and thrive in it- love it; adore watching what your job contributes to."

He knew what she said and the philosophy behind it never changed, no matter how he couldn't remember exactly how it was phrased. He understood at the time, but he didn't fully understand until it dawned upon him one day. He had found what he wanted to do.

It's a Wednesday afternoon- one thirty three to be precise. The cast are preparing behind the curtain; songs are being sung and lines are being recalled. Less than an hour until show time. But Christopher's show is already under way. He smiles "hello"s to excited people passing and answers anyone's questions. With programs in his hand, he sells one to a little girl.

Watching musicals is Christopher's favourite pastime and he loved having a job that helps others enjoy it too. He sells programs and sweets and drinks and he couldn't be happier in having this as his career.

His job is his song, his well-rehearsed lines and his musical.


Yesterday I was thinking about how we should seek things to do (whether that's a hobby or a job or simply an evening) that interest us- no matter what role we play in involving ourselves in that happiness.

Programs & Sweets,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I have changed my mind on my schedule for blogging- I will simply be blogging three times a week on whatever days fit well for I will be quite busy for the next couple of weeks. (I should definitely stop giving myself schedules considering my recent lack of ever sticking to it- I'm sure I'll carry on doing so though!)

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