Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Blog-Sized Adventure | Blogtober

*Unnecessary drum roll because the title already tells you what I'm about to dedicate this whole post to.*

This year I will be participating in Blogtober. What is Blogtober? Blogtober encourages bloggers to post every day in October. Personally, I don't think it has to mean this. It could just mean you make a little more time to help your blog out, or post that little more. However I am going to do the full blown post every day thing. Kind of. (This will be explained soon.) I really am aiming to post the same amount of days as October gives us- so 31 times! If I do miss a day (other than the days I'm about to explain), I will make up for it as quickly as possible. However I am starting this with only eagerness to do this (almost) properly.

One reason I will be taking part in Blogtober is to prove that I can do it. My absolute Disney dream is to earn a living through writing- to live a life through my favourite hobby. I want to prove I have the ability to create posts I adore (and hope are interesting) frequently. I recently challenged myself to write a lot in August. I didn't completely complete it but had every aim to- therefore I was a little disappointed. Last Blogmas wasn't too fab for me either as I simply didn't do it nearly as well as I wanted to and, in short, I just want to complete this challenge because I refuse to let myself down like I have done recently with my blog. 

There is, however,one problem. I will not have internet for a teeny tiny time at the beginning of October. It should be within the first week of October when I do, but which date I am not sure and for this reason I will post all of the *however many posts I have missed due to no internet* on the first day I get internet. This definitely sucks but I am still counting it as posting every day! 

As a sidenote, I will be pre-planning some posts and even writing some before the day they will be posted but that's just because that's how I want to do it! Writing isn't my full time job and I don't have the time to stick to a "write it on the day" kind of thing and that doesn't bother me because that's what my life allows for!

So, as of tomorrow I will be posting every day in October. I want to make it the best month yet. The real aim is to create 31 good posts (although there will be 32 posts altogether because my first one will be another "admin-y" one). I want to have a month I am super, super proud of. As I want this year's blog to be the best yet, I am going to contribute to that by creating an explosion of The Girl in the Moonlight posts that completely show what The Girl in the Moonlight is- what I see this blog as. So, cheers to that. And cheers to the hard work I will put into this challenge.

Writing Challenges & An Excited Mind,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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