Friday, 25 September 2015

Even Ends are Beginnings

That this post marks the official end of my summer makes a naturally nostalgic and slightly sad blogger. However, as I wrote a little bit about in my last post, I want motivation to make this university year as awesome as my summers are.

Background information: This summer has been the best of my whole life. This is exactly how I felt almost this time last year. It made me a bit gutted throughout the year at university because I kept comparing everything to My Awesome Summer. Once again I have made my favourite memories ever in the last few months, spending so much time with all of my favourite people, experiencing new exciting things and loving everything about being home. Now, it is time to move out for university again.

Even ends are beginnings.

In the long run, I must remember, that this end to this summer makes way for, in time, the beginning of next summer- which I'm sure will be as and more awesome as this last one. However, considering what is to come in the next week and beyond (for the university year), we have a new beginning. The 2015/2016 second year at university.

I was incredibly homesick last year. I did, however find comfort in a few things- a routine I got myself into with lectures and seminars, running, reading books and seeing some friends. I did find that I had much too much spare time on my hands. I could have filled that time with a lot of different things but became quite absorbed with my homesickness and this year, I don't want to. I will naturally feel homesick, but I refuse to let it consume me.

So, next week I will be starting lectures again and I will be throwing myself into a lot more- trying to bring my lovelyawesomemagical summers into the next eight or nine months. Although it is the end of my lovelyawesomemagical summer, here is to a more motivated set of eight or nine university months.

Happy Thoughts & A Happy Mind,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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