Friday, 4 September 2015

My 5 Favourite Nicholas Sparks Romances

I adore Nicholas Sparks's writing, and because of this, I adore talking about his writing. I want to write about my adoration for my five favourite romances out of all of the incredible Nicholas Sparks novels that make my heart glow with love for the written word.

♡ Gabby and Travis 

I love this romance because it's the core of my favourite Nicholas Sparks book- The Choice. It's naturally one of the main reasons I adore the book. Travis, an outgoing man with a life he adores and no want for a girlfriend meets Gabby, a woman who seems more than irritated by his presence. Their chemistry is refreshing because we watch (read) them getting to know each other.

Ronnie and Will

From The Last Song, Ronnie and Will are from different "paths" in life. Angry and mysterious, Ronnie meets Will who is popular and rich. The whole "don't judge a book by the cover" thing applies here, and I couldn't be more grateful. Despite this, these attributes I have assigned to the characters make the characters incredibly endearing.

Dawson and Amanda 

I am a sucker for a "met when they were younger and fell in love and something tragic got in the way but something in the future brings them together to an extent" kind of story. Dawson and Amanda come from The Best of Me and I adore the way they think of each other- it's dreamlike. I adore the aspect that they ache in what is lost along the way: the time; the two of them together. It's the heartache that does make it somewhat beautiful.

Jeremy and Lexie

True Believer and At First Sight are the stories that let us get to know Jeremy and Lexie, and how their two different views made an endearing partnership- one of the ones where their relationship makes a book a page-turner. It's beautiful to read about their getting to know each other; how different their lives have been, and why it all just makes sense.

Landon and Jamie  

A Walk to Remember brings us Landon and Jamie. Landon is quiet and studious whereas Landon is loud and on the "wrong track in life" according to those around him. When he opens his eyes to Jamie and goodness and Jamie is the kind and accepting girl we adore, the sweetest and most genuine 

I have written one of my "favourite Nicholas Sparks" posts in too long and I had this idea last year, so here we are!

Beautiful Romances & Beautiful Books,

The Girl in the Moonlight. 

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