Thursday, 17 September 2015

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi

Oh my goodness, I have been reading so many awesome books recently. Actually, I don't think the awesome books haven't stopped this year. And when I thought it couldn't continue... Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi happened. I was addicted to reading Shatter Me and I am so very excited to purchase and read the rest of the series. I am delighted I have started what promises to be one of my favourite series ever just in time for university- any boring moments - and any other moments - will be filled with Juliette's story.

So, Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi is about Juliette and her gift/power/hindrance (opinions varying throughout the whole story as portrayed through different characters, and even Juliette herself) of her touch- her touch that can hurt; that can kill. After being locked up, Juliette begins to question a lot- she begins to forget a lot; even what she looks like! Her power soon becomes the very center of The Reestablishment's plans. They want to use Juliette as a weapon- a torture device. Enter Juliette The Heroine. It's about to get awesome.

Shatter Me portrays love and passion and fear and strength and teamwork- themes I trust will (and hope that they will) carry on through the series. Alongside Juliette is Adam. The boy of the book. Juliette thought he forgot- she thought she forgot. Both as fearless as each other (even if Juliette doesn't realise this); both as passionate and determined and just as each other, I can't help but adore their partnership. Oh but there is a twist. A twist that I won't ruin and can't ruin because I'm not fully educated on it yet.

I love a heroine. I have to say that it does make me want to punch the air happily for the sake of feminism, Juliette is awesome. She knows (even if she gets confused) that she is fighting for good to prevail. We find out through another perspective how easily she has always been kind, even though she's been the victim of cruelty and isolation her whole life. Yes, she's different. But she is good. She is strong. She is one of my favourite characters ever.

Shatter Me is gorgeously written. With glorious detail and pretty phrasing, I am completely in love with how this book was presented to me. I love musical and magical ways to present language and it just made me glide easily through this novel because I was so excited to read the next beautifully written sentence.

Book number one in this series has left me feeling (and had me feeling all the way through it) the oh so similar feelings that The Hunger Games gave me. Thinking about it makes my heart ache excitedly and I wouldn't change that for any other bookish feeling.

*Waiting eagerly to be able to buy the next one.*

Passion & Determination,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. So Shatter Me was the second book I read for my aim to read three books before university begins again: HERE.

P.P.S. Another reminder: I will sort these terrible, terrible pictures out soon!

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