Friday, 24 April 2015

A Written Split Personality

When I write, I'm transported to another world; the same me embraces another side of me. Unless I am writing something in a certain fashion, when I write, my voice is mine, but it is dissimilar to it too.

Something I have learnt about myself as I have written more and more – a hobby particularly enhanced by my blog – is that I find it a lot easier to talk about my feelings in the form of written word. I have always been a girl who has not hidden my opinions (when it comes to things I find wrong and so on), but I have never been particularly vocal about things I think about when I am lying in the dark, or feelings I am feeling when I am sad.

I feel I have become particularly two-faced, although I don’t hate myself for it.

We are all different, that’s for certain. One thing that makes me different from one of my friends is that they are particularly forward about their emotions (and I admire her for it); one thing that I would assume makes me different from a lot of my friends is that I can let out my emotions perfectly to me in written form.

My way of writing can change in different types of posts. Sometimes I consider my writing more light-hearted than in posts when I discuss topics like love where I portray myself a little differently. I think, a lot of the time, my writing doesn't portray the personality I project to those I meet. In particular, those closes to me.

Once again: I don’t hate this.

I am one for believing in everyone loving themselves, and  I do like my personality. We all have
faults, we all have things and attributes we’d like to change about ourselves, and so I still have to
work on feeling more positive about certain things (and considering whether I need to change
particular things or not to achieve this). My point is this...

...The potentially split-personality I achieve is one I’m proud of.

I like that I can delve more easily into more serious topics in writing. However, I do believe I should work on letting people know how I feel more. My written split personality has taught me a lot.

I haven’t quite worked out whether there are attributes of my writing I’d like to transfer to my personality to. For example, with certain topics, I am much more open about in writing. This is the case with my personality too. Should more of “me” be on the blog? A lot of me, I believe is on the blog! It’s just a thought.

When I write, I happily experience a split personality. When I live, I happily enjoy the other side of my personality.

Memories & Flowers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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