Wednesday, 22 April 2015


There is a sometimes for many moments. Sometimes when the sun is shining, I am happy. Sometimes, I am sad. Sometimes when the rain is raining, I am happy. Sometimes, I am sad. There is a sometimes for every rainbow in the sky and every thought in my mind. And then there's the sometimes I could never aspire to. Sometimes, I want company and friends and laughter and memories spoken aloud. Sometimes I want my mind and a slice of silence. There is a sometimes in every day that I live: Whether a Monday or a Friday, there is always an option. Always an opposite. Sometimes I walk slowly; sometimes quickly. Sometimes all I want is to run; sometimes all I want is to lie in today's song. Sometimes I play piano with complete certainty; sometimes I'm not so sure. A contradiction with myself I have always been aware of is this: Sometimes I like being in the limelight, but sometimes I despise its glare. Sometimes I have the words and sometimes I do not. When the night turns to day, I miss the moon and when the day turns to night, I'm willing back the sun. Sometimes the world's beauty astounds me with sweet melody; while its entire ugliness is painted in front of my eyes. When faced with challenges, I can recoil; yet, sometimes I thrive in the opportunity. Sometimes I know exactly what I mean. Then there are times where I am entirely muddled. I live with a clean slate silently covered in regret. Sometimes I see the path I am heading down; sometimes it is broken and confused. Sometimes... Sometimes.

Sometimes I don't want them, but I Always want You.


Have a lovely day or night, wherever you may be.

A Sometimes & An Always,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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