Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A Letter to April

Dear April,

I have been excited for you for a while. I have been seeing your season's blossom and smiling at its pretty ease. I have been running in the sunshine and feeling the blue sky singing. Yes, there has been a chill; but it's easy to miss under your season's smiling sun. The fluffy white clouds and promising sunsets have been glorious.

Now, here you are.

I have fond memories of April. Really fond memories. And I intend to experience another thirty happy days alongside you. I am anticipating hard work but lazy days too; baking sessions and nights with friends; family evenings and cinema trips; excited hours at the beach and lots of books read. I'm not asking you to do anything- just to enjoy it with me.

April, I do hope you steal the chill and replace it with warmth. I do hope there are more blue skies and warmer evenings. But, April, I'm home now. So if you do not bring my excited summer feelings, do not fret. I'm in my Easter holidays so sunshine is guaranteed. Even if it's not painted outside.

I have got a really lovely day ahead of me, April. What a perfect way to start your story. Quite frankly, the sun could shine, and my skin could feel warm, but grey skies could never take away my smile today. Today is the start of thirty days written with happiness. And as I peer outside, April, you've listened before I've asked... Blue skies!

April, you're now in the spotlight. We're living our lives with you as our soundtrack- our background setting. But you shouldn't stay in the background. We are waiting for you to shine.

Blossomy Trees & Renewed Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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