Friday, 17 April 2015

Magic Pt. II

A sandy beach. A blue sky. An early melody of summer's song. Two best friends.

Not too long ago I wrote about the feeling of magic behind the smile on my face (HERE). I promised to feel this feeling as much as I could, I feel the want to recognise this feeling once again and in written form.

Old jokes being recalled. New jokes being created- sure to be recalled another day. A new experience. New food. A new horizon. The same soundtrack. The same feeling of magic.

My stomach felt warm, but cool. It felt friendly and easy-going and in love with the day.

"Thank you so much"s and surprising each other. The start of the promise of summer. The continuations of the promises of two.

This post that outlines a story of true magic is my favourite adventure. The magic comes from this. The magic comes from the truth in the promise of other favourite days. And this particular one, I treasure so.

Lovely laughs. Excited giggles. Thankful smiles.

Like a cliche explanation of happiness, here I am. Words and a page. My heart and a feeling. A friend and a promise I believe.

A Beach & Memories,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Although this may seem particularly similar to my last post... All is not as it seems. (I don't know how to simply say: They are not based on the same day.)

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