Monday, 13 April 2015


I think feeling proud - whether it's being proud of myself, another or a group - is one of the best feelings.

Recently, a friend of mine came out as gay. I have said on the blog before that we should be living in a world where coming out should not have to be a process- being gay should be as "normal" as anything else. The world is not at this stage, though. In this situation, nor is my friend's family.

The pride I feel in her situation exists because of how gracefully my friend is dealing with it all. I'd feel proud of her no matter what. It hasn't been easy for her. I so wish it had been. I achingly wish that it'll get better as quickly as possible. As we spoke, she promised me that her family will "get there"; that she even said this with such promise makes me proud. She shouldn't have to wait around for her family's approval,

My friend is full of courage and strength and it makes me look at her in awe. She is not strong because she's gay; she's a friend who is both strong and gay. I felt incredibly teary listening to her tell me of her experience. It's not a relationship I would express emotion through tears, and in that moment, I tried and hopefully noticeable didn't do so. I respect that part of our friendship. I'm proud of my friend and 100% wishing my pride is not patronising.

I've grown up with this girl; she has been a friend for a very long time. We have never been best friends but pretty close. That she struggled with it all hurts my heart. She confided in two friends and I am so relieved she had the support she was looking for, but devastated at the thought of the struggle before she told them. Throughout however long she was experiencing the level of confusion she expressed to me, she was always a good friend. Always the kind of person I have liked talking to. She has so many qualities I aspire to have.

Seeing her when people now know, her comfort is refreshing. It is so good to see. I am very proud.

Yellow & Green,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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