Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Nostalgia Post

Holding onto the past is something I feel I always do. Sometimes it's less of the "holding" on and indulging in the thoughts of yesterday, but sometimes, it's more of the "Please can I hold onto you, Lovely Yesterday, and never let go?" kind of feeling. This is not to say that Happy Today is not as good or even that I am always wishing for a memory to be my present... Sometimes I just get too nostalgic.

I remember writing a post a while ago where I was talking about the wonders of the current Lovely yesterday. It was at this point when I decided I should start living almost completely (there's no problem with admiring yesterday, after all!) in today as if it would be a tomorrow sometime in the future were I would be nostalgic and in love with that particular day. I have to say, it really worked. I missed secondary school with all of my heart, and I soon saw what an awesome time I was having at college.

And guess what? Now... I'm missing college!

A lot of my favourite memories ever were made there.

Today I am at university, all settled now. I am, however, constantly missing home. Being home for Easter has implemented my excitement for summer and a longer period time at home. I am excited for that part of my future and very nostalgic about the part where I was enjoying college at home.

If, like I said, some of my favourite ever memories were made at college - a like to secondary school and before - it seems that I am able to make these favourite memories anywhere. Hopefully, anyway! That's got to be the conclusion to this, right?

Nostalgia is a good thing. I believe this now. When I was aching to go back to secondary school, I really was just aching, not indulging in today (although I was enjoying myself) as much as I should have been. I experience this kind of nostalgia because I associate so many happy memories with the Lovely Yesterday part of my life that they apply to. It makes me know that these memories are good memories. Really good memories. And these good memories will be repeated in different ways in Happy Today. 

Enjoy today; enjoy yesterday.

A Happy Balance & Lots of Memories,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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