Monday, 21 October 2013

An Almost Adult

HERE I spoke about my recent blogging problems. Mostly due to lack of time, my blog has gone slightly downhill in terms of how much I like my own content and to me, this is a particularly important aspect of blogging. As I wanted to write something about how I'm getting back on track, I thought I would do a bit of an update post to organise my thoughts.

Today I woke up, despite having so much to do this week, feeling ready to take it all on. My list includes a lot of college work, some life errands and sorting out my blog. My college work has gone as well as it can so far and I'm feeling a lot more at ease because of it. In terms of the issue I named one of my "life errands", I am feeling very happy with myself indeed. I shall explain.

I did something that proved to myself and I hope to others that I can deal with the responsibility of sorting relatively serious things about my life out, despite a slight obstacle. I can become very anxious at the thought of a few things and although I won't name them all, one of them is phoning people I don't know. It's not something in my life that takes over completely; it only affects me at certain moments but I can get to the point where I fear the thought of someone horrendously aggressive picking up (or various other scenarios) so much, that I'll end up just not phoning. It's something that many people without the anxiety for that specific thing may not understand, but I really am happy with myself.

Today, I just did it.

I was having troubles with something that needed sorting and I'm not counting the fact that there was no one around and wouldn't be for a long time to help as something to put me down. I picked up the phone, had a few blips in terms of needing to wait around and I did so, without panicking myself.

I don't know whether I have conquered the fear but I'm very proud of myself, to say the least!

Although it doesn't take over my life completely, today I proved to myself that I can move forward from it by one simple thing: doing it. I ignored any nervousness and felt completely at ease. Now, it's my time to tell you: you can do it. If you're suffering with anxiety, on a big scale or a small scale like me, I hope that you can find a way to overcome it.

On another issue, because I dealt with something that if a parent was nearby they would have sorted, I feel like I own my "almost adult" age.

Now back to blogging. I haven't yet sorted my blogging dilemma out, but I have no doubt at all that, next week, with a whole nine days off, I will be back on track by at least midweek next week. I am super excited to eventually be writing content that isn't making me cringe at the computer mouse hovering over the "publish" button. I will have one more post up this week and in the mean time I will be completing some college work, smiling at the increase in confidence I have in myself to sort out my life errands and being very red-in-the-face-excited to finally have my blog sorted!

What are your aims for this week?

Jelly & Cream,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. sometimes blogging is very hard to upkeep esp when you're not feeling it! but glad to hear you did it :D

    1. Yes, you're definitely right! Thank you! :-)


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