Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cloud People

When I was younger and on a plane ready for a holiday to an exciting new place, I looked out the window and saw that magical vision: fluffy marshmallows of pure white, shapes formed that I'm sure made me giggle and beam with endearment. What caught my eye the most though, as I stared in awe, were these cloud people that I would have bet my teddy bear's life on existed.

The last holiday I went on, I watched a few people, entranced very much a like to the five year old version of myself. So many people on the plane were sat, watching, mesmorised by the clouds, pinning dreams and hopes on the fluffy cotton, momentarily holding everything on the water vapour in the sky.

What these people and the five year old version of myself were never thinking of in this moment of innocent wonder was what the promise of these clouds held - not that I would have known. Maybe I'm being pedantic, but wasn't I wishing to join these cloud people that are the thief of safety? My wish to meet them was far from the beauty I saw out of my window.

My point is, why do we pin our hopes of comfort on something so deathly and destructive?

To me the clouds were comforting; them allowing me to daydream masked my fear of being high in the sky as I didn't want to tell my parents beside me that me being "brave" was a lie. Is that not a fa├žade though?

Now, I'm not taking the beauty away from clouds because to me, the cotton balls dotting the sky can make a perfect picture but I'm wondering this: In the photo above, is it an elephant peeking around a corner in a game of innocent hide and seek or is it the eventual downpour of rain? The answer, for me, lies in my personal promise I made HERE, to see positivity when my vision is grey. Yet, why, when watching myself in a scene of happiness do I always feel I will be picturing puddles?

Today, I challenge myself to for ever reach for the stars. Join me?

Hide & Seek,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. I really love how you think about everything and how you write!


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