Friday, 18 October 2013

The World of Dreams

I was thinking about the concept of dreams today and although I don't know anything technical about dreams and how they work, the happenings of dreams made me really think.

When dreaming, there are no limits. The rules and structure of how to live in real life aren't there and your mind may explore things that you shouldn't physically explore in real life. They also open up an alternative world: the world of dreams. You're not restricted by thoughts of "you can't do this", or any other possible obstacles to stop you achieving your dream, your ambition; you can do it.

Considering sleeping kind of dreams existing of things that make you happy, things you want and things you'd like to happen, it makes my ambitions bright all the more brighter. There are things in my life that I want to achieve and the anticipation to achieve them is exciting and my sleeping dreams can sometimes remind me of this and highlight how much I want something.

When I'm dreaming about something that I would like, the dream version of me is rather happy. However, when recalling dreams, I always feel like I'm a spectator rather than being actually involved, which somewhat reflects real life: I'm wishing and imagining but not getting anywhere.

The dreams where something I want is produced within are the ones that make me momentarily (or sometimes a little longer than they should) sad to have been awoken. Should this prove something? In many cases, yes. Despite being excited for things to come as well as the work I'm going to put in to get where I need to, I hope so much that I pursue my dream; at least to some level.

The problem is this. If I get too caught up in what may be, I forget for a slight moment that it isn't just going to happen at the click of my fingers. I do have to work hard and I am so up for that.

In the world of dreams, fears are also exposed. I have had dreams where I've woken up, more than relieved to find it was just a dream and I'm going to work to make sure I'm don't end up living a life (in some aspects - I won't be completely miserable, I hope!) I want to wake up from!

How do you feel about the world of dreams? Are you often dreaming of your wishes? Let me know!

Orchids & Truffles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. I love that you wrote this because I'm completely fascinated with the topic of dreams! I love those dreams where they seem so real that you're surprised they're actually not. Hehe.

    1. Ha! I do too! I understand. I feel like I only give dreams the time of day when I get something exciting out of it! I'm a selfish dreamer! Yet, when I think about it, I realise how strangely awesome they are.


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