Friday, 4 October 2013

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I started blogging in January because I wanted to do something with my writing (and lyrics). My first post very much encapsulated this. Now, I'm not all that focused on lyric-writing because I feel, not only embarrassed writing them and posting them, but also that I'm not confident about them. My blog is for, well, blogging! Today, I wanted to write about just that.

I have a lot of favourite things about blogging. One of them is that excitement when I think of a topic to blog about and then I think of everything that I could include and suddenly my mind is buzzing with words and excitement for getting home and turning on my laptop. These are the posts that end up being my favourite to write because I'm so inspired.

I also really enjoy the community of blogging. We all like to write posts and so, in turn, we all like to read. I love clicking on posts when I log in, getting really sucked into the writing of the fabulous blogger and it seems only fair to comment when a blog has made me feel some kind of emotion: happy, excited, thoughtful or whatever. I won't always comment due to lack of time or being busy but I love reading people's blogposts so much!

Writer's block is obviously something I'm not so keen on. It's horrendous to sit with a blank computer screen in front of you, knowing there's something to write, there's something there, but it's also not coming any time soon. I'll tap my fingers, frustrated, until I realise it's time to either take a break or think about it in a way that will help me progress. If I choose the latter I'll write down as many "topic headings", if you will but if that fails, I'll write any disjointed thoughts down, in poor English or not and see what I can do with it. If nothing comes of that, well, it's time to listen to McFly.

In turn, I dislike putting up blogposts that I read and just think, "why am I publishing these?" I feel some strange need to publish on certain days and it doesn't match well with my want for every post to be as perfect as I see fit. More about this later though.

My number one blogging tip is, as you will hear most say: write about what you want! It's so important. Obviously, considering what people like is necessary too but you have to make sure you're enjoying writing your content or else your excitement for blogging may disappear before you realise you need to put your heart and passion and excitement into it. I often publish posts that I assume will get very few views because it's not typical blogging but I publish them because they are about things I love to write about. For example, I've written a post a whole post about one of my favourite villains, Loki. Posts like this are nothing controversial, they're not thoughtful or deep, they're just things that make up me! P.s. My post about Loki hasn't got the most views out of all of mine, but it's not all that close to the least either!

There are things about blogging that I'm particularly bad at. Two of these that stick out the most to me are taking pictures and my blog layout. Recently I'm trying so hard to take pictures for my posts because I know they can be important. The problem is, I'm just not that good at it! My bigger flaw in blogging, however, is my layout. I want my blog to be more personal, more about me and my background and everything that could be more about me, isn't! I can't wait to get around to changing it - when I figure out how!

Blogging, to me is a release, a passion and my favourite hobby. What does Blogging mean to you? Is it writing to your heart's content about anything you wish? Is it being creative? What's your number one tip for blogging? I'd definitely like to hear so I can take them on board!

Thoughts & Constellations,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. I agree with you 100% about 'blogging about what you want'! I think it's the most crucial thing! Really enjoyed this post, as usual! <3

  2. Really enjoyed this post,the best part for me is sharing what i love and putting it across on my little space on the internet.

    -Demi x x x

  3. Nice blog :)

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