Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Having Hope

After watching Louise, Sprinkle of Glitter's video about Having Hope, I was flooded with thoughts about the subject of hope. Louise put it so perfectly but I want to talk about Having Hope in my view. However, after being initially flooded by so many thoughts, I was so overwhelmed by how Louise put it that I started this post and then stopped. I didn't know what to write anymore. Yet, in the true "I can do it" fashion, here I am: ready.
Losing hope can be triggered by something big or small. The size of it or how long you have to endure the feeling for doesn't make it any less or more significant: You've lost hope and it sucks. I've found I don't lose hope for long, but in short spurts. In those short spurts everything seems, as Louise put it, "rubbish", just utterly rubbish. It leaves me thinking everything is dark and I'm very isolated.
"When you feel afraid, it's very very hard to feel hopeful." It's not always - probably rarely ever - needed to be told "it'll be okay", but I hope that if I said, "it will be okay, things do get brighter", it's not a "rarely ever" needed moment. I can't speak from your perspective and your situation, but I have hope that things pass, things will be okay in my life and so I have hope for you!
Things change all of the time. Situations change, feelings change, perspectives change. The thought of this is sometimes all I need to filter out my state without hope. If I'm feeling alone, I'll be sure to be proven wrong by a friend the next day. If I'm feeling useless, I'll prove myself very soon. If I can't understand college work, I'll take a break and another time I'll wonder what the fuss was about. Despite how the situations are different, things, in every aspect of life, can get better!
I think my top tip to find hoping again would be to find something you love and do it! That's partly what my blog is all about! I enjoy and so I do it. If I'm feeling down, my blog will always make me happier because it's something that I love to do! Books and music do the same; McFly are an even bigger part. Find anything (that won't damage you) that makes you happy and find hope in that.
Sweets & Tulips,
The Girl in the Moonlight.
P.s. I'm going to shamelessly put a link to my last blogpost HERE.


  1. Wow this was a really, really lovely inspirational post.
    It's so refreshing to see and read things like this and I also loved watching Louise's video.

    Great blog.
    Would love you to check out mine and if you do, make sure you enter my giveaway!

    Hannah X

    1. Thank you Hannah! :-)

      I shall check out your blog now!


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