Monday, 28 October 2013

To an Unnamed Hero

To an Unnamed Hero,

You've experienced the sourness of the relief that is felt when at last evil allows the sufferer to close her eyes. You've been on a search for salvation and won before your wall came crumbling down with your promise falling to the ground. You've held happiness in your hands and watched it diminish in the eyes of your children. You've known a sadness that can only end in a wavering smile. Your heart was bright until an eclipse ensured everlasting darkness.

Yet, you find honest happiness when no one expects you to. You offer your hand when darkness seems evident. You could see beyond your days and still you endeavoured to spread goodness with your tired hands. You have comforted others when it is your heart that aches louder and your mind that is screaming for deliverance. Goodness leaks out of your every movement while sadness travels through your veins. You are a hero to everyone who has been graced by your breath-taking presence.

You teach your experience without regret or isolation of your heart; you, instead show courage and honesty and your watchers know they must trade their sorrow for a better life. Your love has spoken to those who needed it the most and has sung through the hearts of everyone you have met. You deserve recognition but your modesty would prevail and you - the person who should know it the most - would recognise your goodwill with a smile that echoes your humble refusal to accept your greatness; your greatness that words will never conquer to define.

To an Unnamed Hero, your eyes still glisten, your will for goodness and truth to triumph will always win and your want to fill the world you live in with happiness will always exist.

All of my wishing stars will for ever whisper your name.

Bricks & Letters,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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