Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Loveliest Things in Life

I thought I'd write a little blogpost about some things that I think are the sweetest and loveliest things of this world.

Rainfall from inside. Something that makes me feel all warm inside is when it is pouring down with rain outside and I am as snug as a bug inside. It makes me feel quite dreamy and (this may sound strange but) I love opening the window and putting my arm out to feel the rain. It makes me feel really happy and at night time it seems even more lovelier when it's dark and I'm under my duvet, listening to the rain.

Unexpected niceness. Niceness is an underrated quality, I believe and when someone I maybe don't talk to all that much surprises me with a lovely comment or just a nice conversation, I feel genuine happiness and as though there is loveliness in the world, even thought I may sometimes forget and this reminds me that there are good people!

New music. Listening to new music from my favourite artists is a wonderful thing: listening to the lyrics they created and learning the melodies they have been perfecting for months. There's not much else that makes me quite that happy and relaxed. I am rather attached to those artists that are my favourites and their music sends me to another world that's better and gentler.

Movie nights. I love having a good movie night all by myself. I'll stay up going from A Cinderella Story to an episode of Star Wars to The Piglet Movie. I'll lie, pillows in a favourable position, teeth brushed, pyjamas on and I'll feel like a five year old for a few too many hours.

Laughing fits. Sometimes things are suddenly funnier than they really are and having a laughing fit - especially with someone else - is particularly refreshing and quite frankly, too hilarious. In that moment, it feels like the laughter is never-ending and in that moment, I want it to be!

We should appreciate the small things in life, the lovely things because they are more precious than we may realise.

Rainfall & Sunshine,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. oh....don't think i am stalking but.......i just found that u r a girl like me too who does not have anyone commenting her blogs.....i don't know even if u r seeing my comments but......can we be friends?i think friendship is also a loveliest thing ....

  2. I too can relate to many of your comments on this subject "The Lovelist Things in Life". Enjoying the little things in life...the French have a saying for the "joie de vivre". I usually have my favourite artist singing to me while at work, driving, cooking, relaxing, etc. My fondest artists right now are Ed Seeran and Ingrid Michealson. Both write very expressive lyrics and I enjoy their voices. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words.

    1. Awesome! "Joie de vivre": perfect. I love listening to calming and prettily-written artists while cooking and relaxing too and I have to thank you as I'd never listened to Ingrid Michealson before today and now I can't stop!

    2. I have heard to ingrid michaelson.........


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