Friday, 10 May 2013

McFly - The Best of McFly Tour

Here, I was going to list all of McFly's incredible achievements, but no, I will not. Ignorant are those who ignore McFly's obvious success and one place where McFly kick butt and show that they are no band to be reckoned with is on tour. (*Contains traces of spoilers*.)

It is known that McFly are happiest within their career and enjoying their music the most when they are on tour and heck do they deliver! Being a fangirl from the start, when I'm waiting for my favourite people to grace the stage, anticipation building, heart full with joy, I feel myself remembering the majority of my life that has been highlighted with those lovely four boys and this tour made my emotions go from "omgtheyarekillingmewiththeirperfectionlookattheirfacessohappy" to "lookatthemlookathowtalentedtheyarethetearsarehereTHETEARSAREHERE". As always this. Tour. Was. Fab.

The set list. Let's talk set list.

From old school classics to iconic Galaxy Defender songs to gerroffffff your feet and dance like you're a rock star whoppers, the set list was incredible. For a lot of my McFly-Fangirl-career I have wished to see Bubble Wrap live and I stood, incapable to do anything but stare, stare at the perfection: the perfection that is McFly. That song always gives me shivers and I felt myself fall into my own little galaxy listening in awe at the performance.

One of my favourite things is going to the theatre and so I was obviously (pun intended) thrilled at how The Best of McFly Tour was set up: it was beautiful. Ant, Mr Antastic being the presenter was awesome. His beauty was too much and I was really belly-laughing at his jokes. ANTONY BRANT I HEART YOU. The suits - THE SUITS. They looked beautifulgorgeousperfect (as per, as per). With their banter in between, their friendship as obvious as ever, the changing of some lyrics - cheeky! - and their amazing talent of making me have the greatest night of my life, - as they always do - this tour was incredible.

After a gig, I always seem to spend my journey back thinking of the seven-year-old-me, sat on my bedroom floor, the 5 Colours in Her Hair single on repeat, booming out of my CD player that only ever knew McFly and cutting out pictures of the boys from magazines. I swore then that I'd love them forever and I still stick to that promise. Tom, Harry, Dougie, Danny: I love you with all of my heart and you have been and will continue to be the soundtrack to my life!

McFly: thank you for an incredible night. My throat may be dying and my legs in too much pain, but I consider them gig-wounds and I will treasure them until the next time!

Galaxy Defenders Stay Forever!

Broccoli & Bubblewrap,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. Tom: your voice was incredible, so don't you be sad.

P.p.s. The Vamps were fab.

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