Monday, 27 May 2013

The Fabulous Billy and Me

*Contains traces of spoiler*

Fabulous. This is, of course the first word that comes to mind when I recall my 24 hour journey with Billy and Sophie. The next words would be sweet, tragic, heart-breaking, eye-opening, charming. Feet up, slouchy-leave-me-alone-it's-time-to-read-Billy and Me-clothes on, a glass of water by my side, I was ready to easily fall into the world of Sophie May. Oh, and how I did fall.

A novel with a small village, a shop selling homemade cakes and the same people you've known all your life: sounds picturesque, right? Sophie May experiences the tough side of the intimacy of her home, all through her secret, her sad past. Eventually picking herself back up, Sophie is a lovely and homely girl who catches the attention of Billy Buskin, "teen hot-shot" and here is where Sophie's life becomes more like a fairy-tale, but also a little scarier too.

I was constantly "aw"ing at the romantic gestures and words of Billy and sighing at the sadness of the reality behind fame and crying at the heart-breaking moments but smiling at the morals behind the events. I like that Billy teaches Sophie to have a better opinon of herself and that Sophie teaches Billy the result of being egotistical - and the beauty behind reading a book! I like the peace that the characters find and the dreams that the characters achieve. I love the relationships.

Sophie and Molly being best friends is something that highlights the beauty of the novel: the age between the two of them being invisible in their friendship. Sophie's confidence is shown to be down to Molly, the woman with "one of the biggest hearts", but what I felt, despite Sophie never admitting it, was that the two of them needed each other. Sophie was Molly's saviour too.

It's so awesome to see the fantastic reviews about Billy and Me, reviews from book-fans. It must be amazing for Giovanna to receive complements her creation. In the long-run, I suppose I read the novel because of Tom [Fletcher], but I know, being a chick-lit fan, that I would have found this beauty. I read Gi's article about her "modest success" being compared to Tom's, but she has made this novel a huge, huge success. I have been a fan of Gi for a long long time and it has been epitomised by one of my favourite books of all time (that I read in less than 24 hours because of its grippingness): Billy and Me. Thank you Gi for giving me another perfect character to dream about at night. I love you Billy.

You're cool as ice-cubes Gi and a bloomin' great writer!

Multicoloured Tulips & Wellington Boots,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. 5 stars to Mrs Giovanna Fletcher. Buy it HERE.

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