Friday, 3 May 2013

A Cynical Romantic Sees Love #1

A while back I wrote a blogpost about how I'm A Hopeless Romantic That Doesn't Believe In Love and today I experienced the reason why I am not a complete cynic when it comes to love.

I was sat on the bus and I couldn't help but stare at one of the loveliest moments I have ever seen in my seventeen pessimistic years. I was as happy as Larry when I was sitting on the bus because what's not great about a sunny Friday that's leading into a three-day-weekend and then...I saw something: love. It's difficult to portray the beauty of what happened, because in typing, the imagery is a little vague, but take my love-filled-word: it was as sweet as sugar. I looked to my right and there was an elderly man and woman sat, the man on a single seat in front and the lovely woman on the single seat behind; the woman's hand was resting on the top of the seat and the lovely man was stroking it, playing with it, their love as young as their hearts. All I wanted was to take a picture, but I gathered that would be overstepping some boundaries, but I don't think that image will ever really leave my mind. I physically couldn't draw my slightly tear-filled eyes away. I mean, how could I? It was a long while before the man stopped comforting his girl, their love as obvious as the air around me and as he drew away, I knew that they were the definition of love in real life. There was something so caring, so touching about his delicate way of letting his girl know that he was there. There was something so innocent about it. I sat there, imagining their story but knowing that it would be a better story than I could ever create. Was he a young fella, lead astray and then put right back on track the first time he saw the young, pretty soul? Or were they family friends since birth; growing up together at family BBQs and trips to the seaside, the young man making the young girl blush until they declared their love? Maybe they met later in their lives, their time apart not wasted, just a lesson to be learnt... I guess I'll never know. Yet, what I do know for sure is this: I may sometimes look at the world through a smoky lens, things clearer in my eyes than they really are. This couple epitomised happiness and love and contradicted everything that clouds my vision.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a cynical romantic loves the idea of love, thinks it's a nice thing but believes that there is logically no such thing as love. In this way, I am definitely a cynical romantic but yet, today, I fell head over heals in love with not the idea, but the real picture in front my eyes. Hear, hear!

Your Hand & Mine,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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