Monday, 22 June 2015

The Bench

At the bench,
We don't like to fret,
We don't like to cry,
We don't swear,
We don't lie,
If the sun shines, it shines,
If the rain rains, it rains,
But no matter the weather,
At the bench, we are together.


In my life, I feel like I sometimes have certain places for certain events or people. For example, I heavily associate my bedroom with my writing; my reading. I think of the cinema as mine and my brother's place (although it isn't exclusively). I picture a certain walking route as mine and my close friend's place to wander. I see my living room as the place my family and I spend most time together. I know I associate these places with people or things so strongly because they represent values that matter to me. My creativity with writing adores my bedroom; the cinema represent mine and my brother's excitement. That walking route reminds me of all of the excited catching up a friend and I have done. My living room shows my heart all of my funny, silly, happy family memories.

But the bench? That belongs (in our hearts) to my favourite friendship.

I would say we have other places that are more "our places to go", but I just want to write about our bench because it is always a bench we go to and sit on with complete sincerity. We always sit there ready to giggle and just be us. Be our friendship. I think some friendships just have an essence about them; with this friendship, "our friendship" is smiles and memories and laughing and jokes and honesty and sweetness. Our bench has heard all of the listed attributes- plus more! I remember one time I was giggling so much I just looked silly to passerbys- but very, very happy.

The bench represents everything honest in our friendship.

This is just a little post that is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but so very significant to me. To my life. To my favourite friendship.

A Bench & A Friendship,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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