Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Just One More Moment

Eddie grimaced at the sunset. but his expression did not match the stars in his stomach. His heart was not good, and if he wasn't home soon, his daughter, Cassandra would worry. So he would go home soon. Just one more moment.

But how long is a moment, really?

For "just one moment" Eddie could picture his wife's smile on their wedding day, and all of a sudden, just one moment would turn into hours of Eddie in happy despair. For "just one moment" Eddie could replay the image of his wife kissing Cassandra's forehead for the first ever time over and over again, and hey, just one moment was suddenly half an hour of sobbing. For "just one moment" Eddie could absorb a night's sunset, and just like that, Eddie knew his heart would be staying there for just that bit longer.

Nature can be ugly, it's true, but Eddie wouldn't ever fault a sunset- his wife's favourite colour.

"It can be a deep orange, or a song composed of pinks and reds and greens and blues, but whatever it is, that's my favourite colour," Eddie would never forget those words. He adored them. He admired them. He felt every beautifully sincere feeling he felt for his wife in them. If a friend asked his wife's favourite colour, Eddie could say the words she would utter alongside her as she responded. But he never did. he couldn't ruin the sound of her happy, enchanted voice; it sounded as though she had memorised it every time. And although the words were always the same, he knew she hadn't. Every time he heard something new.

He heard heartbreak in his wife's words. Heartbreak caused from her father dying too young; her brother dying too young. He heard experience; success. She became the teacher he always knew she would become. He heard love. He heard the feelings she never forgot to express to him. He heard happiness. Eddie and Nora; always happy. Always in love. And it wasn't a lie.

And every time that sunset did its thing, Eddie saw his wife. His beautifully colourful, magical, glorious wife. And every time, he took a picture with his eyes to save for a rainy day.

He blew a kiss to the sky as he made his way home.


Pinks & Reds,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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