Friday, 12 June 2015

A Letter to June

Dear June,

You may think this letter has found you a bit late; a bit too middle-in-the-month-y. But a reason, there is! Firstly, though, let's reminisce over the last time we knew of each other well. You started off, almost immediately, with a promise I had never felt before. I thank you for that. For being that promise's song. June, it was a false start. My heart was a little broken. Although it did not know it yet. But it feared it. I jumped and at first and my heart was caught with happiness. And then it fell. But it picked itself up, I assure you. June, you're a friend I adore, and this time around, it'll be a good'n. Completely and whole-heartedly.

So, June, it is officially my summer. As of today! I thought I would write to you when the sun is shining so very brightly for me- even though it hasn't so much today. My blog is no stranger to my confession of adoration of warmth and sunshine. Maybe you'll be the reason for this love to be encouraged. Maybe not. But June, you are bright all the same.

June, you're a month that smiles and laughs easily. I like that. Your sky could be the most summery blue or a grey with a frown; but you make us feel warm all the same.

I am excited for the rest of June. For a BBQ or two; for writing; for seeing my friends since they have got back from university. I am so excited for the memories that are going to be made with you, June. Thinking of the things I have planned as I sit on my bed, writing to you, is an excitement I adore.

I've been waiting for this. For you.

Ice-Cream & Strawberries,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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