Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous #4

In the hope to make my blog a little more personal, today, in my "A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous" post, I want to talk about a perception of me that a few of my close friends have, and although they treat it as a bad thing, it only ever is said because they care- I am 100% aware of that. But I want to share my side of the story.

Sometimes life throws us a curveball- some good, some bad. But those bad ones... They can leave me feeling anywhere on the scale of "oh, how bizarre" (mildly off-putting) to "this feeling is horrific" (super sucky curveball). To the world, that curveball is a teeny, tiny, little fish in a massive sea of other Curveball Fish and Average Fish. But that doesn't mean it's not a Big Horrible Curveball Fish to me. As John Green perfect sums up, "It's gonna hurt because it matters." All the same, with the curveballs that have been thrown in my life (a life that I think has been very lucky and sheltered from really awful curveballs), I have a way of coping. I can feel that "horrific" feeling, but as of yet, my strategy has been good! (I will always seek others - talking to my friends - if anything changes!)

Supposedly, I deal with sucky issues a little bizarrely. Only, it's just slightly different to how Friend A deals with it, which is also different to how Friend B would deal with it. We all react differently! (Some ways do suck, of course!)

So, I'm considering the situations that "suck really badly." And here is what I hear when they come about and a friend or a few friends will know.

"Why didn't you tell me?"
"You've got to start talking."
"Tell me everything. Cry. Just cry."

When these sucky issues come about, normally, I, personally, don't feel the need to tell anyone- although I recently - when one occurred - notified a few people because that is just how I dealt with it that specific time. It's not because I am an amazing person who suffers in silence, because I don't! The sucky issues I am thinking about are always known by my family. The issue will be spoken about openly with them and I don't feel the need to talk about it to other people. I completely agree that talking is awesome and talking should be done when dealing with something is not going well - and of course if it is going well -, but, sometimes I just want to shout, "I KNOW YOU CARE, BUT I REALLY AM FINE. I REALLY AM DEALING WITH IT. THIS SMILE IS REAL."

I completely respect and love the care of my friends. I value everything they say to me regarding the issue and I hope I am always an option as "a friend one can talk to" when my friends have sucky issues, if they so wish- I will be the first to offer! I want to be that friend that I know they already are- even if I don't speak up!

Granted, I do aim to be more open. It's a slightly different issue, but if I'm upset in general, I am unlikely to consult a friend. And I do think this is silly, and I have improved massively. I do believe talking and having feelings known is super important, but sometimes I just have it sorted. I really am dealing with it.

My friends are amazing, and although there are definitely ways that of dealing with sucky situations that also suck, there are lots of different ways of coping which vary from person to person.

All the same, I will always look out for my wonderful, caring friends like they do for me. They really are awesome.

There's a lot on this particular issue that I haven't covered; it's not a particularly rounded up post, but they are just a few thoughts that come to my mind.

So, that's me!

A Book & Some Strawberries,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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