Monday, 15 June 2015


Calm. A sea breeze- only slight. The feeling of sand running through my fingers. A quiet that is not worried about being disturbed, but is happy in its solace. Calm. My best friend my my side; the sun in the sky; a day without noise.

Last week my best friend and I took a trip to the beach. We just lay there. Causing commotion only when we reapplied sun lotion or had some food or some drink. We spoke, too, but we mostly enjoyed that beachy soundtrack. It wasn't a busy day, so maybe that accounts for the lack of noise; on that particular day, I just had to appreciate the calm.

Calm. A book and a duvet. The "home" 9pm song I can hear outside... Nothing! With a little smile on my face, I continue to read. Continue to let my eyes dance in the pretty tranquility.

University is hectic. Even when I have spent evenings (there have been many) in my room watching Netflix, or snuggled up with a book, something is heard. I didn't like this aspect. Quiet just wasn't wanted by everyone at every point in time. I think, while I am home - while I adventure - I will seek a lot of quiet. A lot of calm.

I am someone who adores being busy- I really love it. Last summer I felt like my life was the very opposite of calm. And I want a lot of this to carry through to this summer. But I am going to seek a lot more calm; a lot more quiet. I may have someone with me; I may not. Either way, I will adore this sweet feeling of experiencing calm.

Calm is a simple bliss.

Sea Air & Sand,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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