Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Adoring Our Achievements

There is this balance in life that I seek. A balance between getting this (right now unknown) career I want to succeed in (one of the major steps with that right now is university, in my case), while I am living my life with certain qualities in mind that I hope to achieve (for example being kind and sincere etc). Meanwhile I want to maintain the balance of having all of those I love in my life. I do think being kind and loving family and friends are the most important values for me- but this post is about all achievements. I want to encapsulate a few things I am proud of myself for in this post. Sometimes it's easy to forget all I am achieving; to sit back and think, hey, that's all right, isn't it!? In fact: that's really great! There's this balance society cries for: "Be modest and not arrogant; but be proud and confident- don't be shy!" (I will talk about this and similar issues in a post in the future). It's so frustrating because... what is the answer!? We should all be proud, shouldn't we? And humble too! We can do both! So here I am, adoring my achievements. As so we should!

The idea for this post came from me scrolling through my archive on my blog. I have written, altogether (before this one) 391 posts. That's so many! That's so much hard work and love and happiness in one little blog that is my own. I am so proud of myself! Looking at words I wrote over two years ago, and thoughts I have expressed since was awesome. I really have worked hard with this blog. I love remembering how some of the posts were formed- what thoughts triggered them, or the setting I was in when I wrote them. I bloomin' adore The Girl in the Moonlight, and the happiness it brings me. I am so proud of that.

At the moment, I am achieving so much with one of my favourite hobbies- running. I have been talking about it a lot recently, but I try so hard with it; I work at is so much. And I have been achieving. While I am working hard; while I recover after a run; while I prepare myself for my runs after that... I am so proud! It can be hard work; it can be a complete joy. It's something I adore; I am proud of all of the goals I am achieving with it.

I am so proud to have completed my first year at university. It was tough for me. I faced new challenges. But here I am! I completed it! I am sat in my living room, writing my little blog- an episode of Once Upon a Time lined up for afterwards and a trip out with my friend planned for after that. I am so proud of myself for this last year.

Let's adore our achievements that bit more!

Pride & Modesty,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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