Monday, 8 June 2015

Some Thoughts on Fairy Tales

I am adoring Once Upon a Time; a beautiful and also haunting series that is based on all of those fairy tales we adore, whilst they are injected into real life. It's gorgeously melodic and my heart is completely invested. *Stops fangirling.* A boy in the series is completely captivated by a book of fairy tales and the stories it tells; he relates them to real life and sees how people he knows are living the tales. While two people discuss his thoughts and behaviour, one says something along the lines of fairy tales are a way of us dealing with the world and what happens in it. Long story short, it got me thinking.

I adore fairy tales. I plan to read all of the classics; I adore all of the Disney movies; I love all of the concepts that arise from those hearbreakingly heartwarming words. The question - at least the question I assume I will be tackling in this post - is... why?

So there is this idea that we indulge ourselves in these stories for the sake of escapism. And, hey, why shouldn't we!? I remember a mock exam going horrifically a couple of years ago, and I went home and watched Tangled. I wanted my mind to be with a lovely story- a lovely ending. I wanted to escape to the world of sweet promises and good and forget that I may have just messed up. 

Happiness. Another answer, is pure and good and fairy tale happiness! I strongly believe this life we are living is one that should be lived to the soundtrack of our own individual happiness- made up of all of those things that make us happy. I watch Frozen a lot because I love Olaf's words, and I adore the story, and I bloomin' love singing along! 

They teach good lessons, don't they!? I am relating a lot to Disney adaptations, and although there are arguments about what such stories teach, I do believe courage and honesty and love is taught and cherished by a world- and that just has to be a good thing, right?

What do you think?

Courage & Honesty,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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