Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A Little Running Diary #1

One of my biggest loves is running. I have loved it all of my life, and as I have got older my involvement in this hobby has only increased. In the last six months, I have gone from loving to complete adoration and never wanting to let it go unless it is a necessity. This totally isn't a "HEY GUYS I AM SUPER FIT BECAUSE I RUN"; I just really love it. As I want my blog to represent me as much as I feel necessary, I have decided to incorporate my running a little more into my blog. At the moment I am not sure how this is going to work out. I am not going to say how many times I will post or on the topics I will post about; this series just exists on my blog how I wish to present it.

Today I want to talk about my experience with running... And so I shall.

I remember first "competing" in a school cross country with the knowledge that I was some kind of good at it. That would have been in junior school; before that, of course, running to a certain standard was even less frequent, but I remember enjoying chasing and running about in the playground (in a totally PG kind of way). And so I ran the race, and I did well- I am a little proud of my younger self because I was definitely not good with nerves then. For the years of junior school, I loved running; I liked it being my "thing." However my nerves were some kind of an issue.

And they continued to be. At secondary school, my running began with being part of the athletics team. I ran for my year group in competitions outside of school (although not too many) and as much as I loved being part of the team, my nerves made me so anxious. That part sucked. I also, throughout school, had races in PE and Sports' Day to look forward to (dread with excited fear). It was so frustrating because I loved running so much, but I was quite scared of the competitiveness.

I ran a little bit out of school beforehand but taking running into my own hands began at the start of sixth form. In my first year, I ran one or two miles every now and then, and then I pushed myself a lot more in my second year. Now, completely in love with running, I am trying to reach new goals all of the time; and I love the challenge. I am working hard because I want to, and I am doing so to conquer my nerves and hope to reach goals that would have previously involved nerves.

This is, I see, a little narrative of part of my life that may not be all that interesting, but I couldn't think of how else to start this series. I am excited for it!

A Hobby & A Smile,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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