Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Summer Bucket List | 2015

I am officially in my summer! I am so happy about this! To celebrate, here is my 2015 summer bucket list!

 As I'm writing this post to be posted on my blog, why not start with an aim for the ol' blog!? I would like to write a lifestyle post! I consider a few posts I have written in the past as "lifestyle posts", and I still do! But I really wish that I, this summer, will write a lifestyle post that is a bit more explicitly "lifestyle"-y. I want to record a day or a few days in a post. I don't know what this would involve yet, but I am excited to see!

 Last year, my summer was so full, I left my blog slip an upsetting amount. This year, I plan to make my blog as full and happy as my summer. I have always wanted to post four posts a week when it is summer (but never have!), and I won't promise this yet, but I hope I can do this sometime soon. But, first of all, my aim is to make sure I post three posts a week, although I have not decided an official schedule (I will have a week for sure -maybe another week too - where I may not post at all, but other than that... fingers crossed!)!

 One of my aims, in general, is to try new things or choose choices I wouldn't normally when it comes to food! (I am a sucker for lasagna so I am going to try and be a bit more adventurous!)

♡  I want to continue writing my book. I have been aiming to write a book for a long time- this summer is going to boost my story even further. I want to dedicate a lot more of my time to my book- I hope to stick to a schedule concerning it too. I cannot wait.

 This summer will mark the start of my "saving money adventure." Simple sounding, but I am excited for this one, because I have never been too good a it. Discipline, here I come!

 Last summer also meant that I read much less than I wished too. Since last summer I have read oh-so-many glorious books! And this summer? I will read more! I hope to read ten books at a minimum this summer and it is making me grin thinking about it!

 An aim I always have: to take lots of photographs!

 Another aim I always have: to progress further with my running!

 My final aim right now, is to spend this summer (and afterwards, of course!) treating my family! This could be little, considerate, no-money things, or it could involve money. I am not sure. But I know I want to make my appreciation be shown.

Aims & Excitement,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I have posted twice today in the hope I will catch up with the amount of posts I would have liked to have written by now for my June blog!

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